Duovox V9 1080P Full-color Night Vision Dashcam

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Duovox V9 Dual 1080P Full-color Night Vision Dashcam

Duovox V9 1080P Full-color Night Vision Dashcam

Duovox V9 Dual 1080P Full-color Night Vision with Interior Rear Camera Unit

Review of Duovox V9 Night Vision Dashcam

Dual 1080P Image in Vivid Color, Keep Safe Driving Along the Way

• Equipped with Sony CMOS sensor,Duovox V9 provide drivers with 1080P full color videos and images with amazing details even in darkness or in rainy, foggy and snowy weather.

• Using 7-layer full glass F/1.0 aperture lens,front and rear camera simultaneously capture the road view at 1080P high resolution.

• 8" high definition IPS screen presents superfine full-color image and displays the real-time road situation with no lag.

Up to 984ft Night Vision Distance,V9 Makes Night Driving Easier

• 72-degree field of view, presents a broader view that is far beyond what your eyesight can see.

• Up to 984ft (300m) night vision distance, sees much farther than headlights to inform drivers of the road situation in advance.

• Giving you more reaction time to avoid an accident.

• Up to 984 feet night vision distance, sees much farther than eyesight to get the real situation in advance.

            Better Experience Than Traditional Night Vision System

          Features         Duovox V9 Built-in Night Vision System
         Image color           Full-color           Black and white
         Resolution           1080P                480P
       Rear camera     Interior design                   X
       Angle of view               72°               18°/30°
       Display screen            8 Inch           Depends on model

       Active infrared,

    Light magnification

          Active infrared,

         Passive infrared

  Applicable car models       99% car model          specific car model
         Installation  Easy install by yourself         Must go to auto shop
    System Languages                 11         Depends on location
   Recording function           2 channels                      X
   Super night vision                   √                     X
   Parking monitoring                   √                     X
          G-sensor                   √                    X
         Timelapse                   √                    X
         Date/time                   √                    X
  Nano glue technology                   √                    X
          Price          $299~$399              $2300~$3500

Real-time Recording of Road Situation,Enhance Driving Safety

• Dual recording of both the front and rear view and stored to the corresponding folders, max support of 128G,video resolution at 1080P.

• Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest ones when the storage is full.

• G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, the locked videos will be kept from being overwritten.

• Time-lapse recording compressed a long video to minutes long file for long time recording.

• Time-lapse recording to squeeze a long period of beautiful time into a short clip.You can playback your time-lapse while it’s being recorded.

Dash Camera with 24H Parking Monitoring,More Than Road Safety

• Continuous monitoring can be performed with the OBD power or hardwire kit, which has low voltage protection to avoid draining car battery.

• In parking mode, both cameras will automatically start recording.Once the G-sensor detects impact,locks and kept the footage to G-sensor recording folder for checking easily.

• Capturing clear image during both days and nights to protect your vehicle.

Keep Safe Driving in Unfriendly Conditions

Driving with Duovox Dual 1080P Full-color Night Vision Dashcam

Dark Roads

Improve visibility to keep safety driving with Duovox 1080P full-color night vision

Rainy Day

See through rainy to stop blurry vision with crispy image

Foggy weather

Enhance visibility to ensure smooth driving with clear road view

Snowy Nights

Reflect real road situation to obtain better control with high resolution image

1080P Night Vision Rear Camera, Split-screen Real-time Safe Monitor

• Utilizes same low-light imaging technology as V9 front camera,the night rear view camera provide 1080P resolution full-color image,helps catch the back view clearly.

• 140°wide-range vision to keep original real size aid in reversing broadly or as a way to monitor cargo and behind following vehicles easily.

• Interior design to attached to rear windshield for anti-theft.With 6m extended cable, suitable for ordinary vehicles.

• Supports real-time recording and 24H parking monitoring with V9 display.

Tech Specifications

Easy Installation

V9 Night Vision connection

1. Insert Micro SD card into the card slot;

2. Fix night vision to the base;

3. Place the night vision on the dashboard;

4. Connect the night vision to the cigarette lighter or OBD for power supply;


• Duovox V9 NVS accepts 12V input voltage, for cars of 24V output voltage,it must be connected to hardwiring kit for power supply that support 12V to 24V voltage range.

• When visibility is down to 10 meters in foggy weather, Duovox V9 NVS performance will be impacted. It Is not suggested to drive on the road during such weather.

• Duovox V9 NVS adopts low-light imaging technology. It needs faint light like moonlight or street lights to form clear images, will not function well In totally dark environments.If you have any question about using this product, please follow the instruction manual or contact us at support@fityision.com, we will provide timely assistance.