Duovox Mate Pro Full-color Night Vision Camera

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Duovox Mate Pro Powerful Night Vision Camera

Duovox Mate Pro Night Vision Unit

Review of Duovox Mate Pro 2K Full-color Night Vision

2K Full-color Image at Night, Navigate the Dark in Real Time

• Duovox Mate Pro provides lagless real time vision of the world around you in full true color. Hike, drive, and explore at night with the confidence of knowing what is up ahead.

• Hassle free with great portability.It is tiny,light and easy operation to lets you carry it anywhere.

• With automates advanced algorithm techniques,Duovox Mate Pro display one crystal clear full-color image at night.

• High Definition IPS screen presents entire scene in sharp color with high-quality details of wildlife and natural beauty even in darkness.

984Ft Night View Distance,Duovox Mate Pro Keep Everything Sharp

• Duovox Mate Pro is equipped with an advanced long range 7 lens optical system plus a built-in IR filter so you can capture the most beautiful moments from a distance — with no need to worry about focusing.

• Enhanced vision technology,find ,observe and catch every moment of wildlife in the dark easily but don't frighten them.

• Up to 984 feet night vision distance, sees much farther than eyesight to get the real situation in advance.

Review Fantastic Moments and Share Instantly

• Flip through photos and videos instantly with Duovox Mate Pro 3 inch high resolution touch screen.

•Paired with an app and built-in WiFi, you can view, download, and even stream your amazing photos and videos at astonishing speeds. You can even connect it to your computer and stream it as a webcam.

• Time-lapse recording to squeeze a long period of beautiful time into a short clip.You can playback your time-lapse while it’s being recorded.

Capture Stunning Image at Night as If it were Day

• Capture the most breathtaking views at night in true color with HD 5M 3200 x 1800 photos and 1080p at 30fps video with no latency.

• Mate’s night vision sensor and optics provide long range visibility as far as your eye can see in complete focus.

• Thanks to advanced Noise reduction you instantly get crystal clear photos and video when you go out sightseeing.

Brighten Up Your After-Dark Journey

Enhance Your Activities in Any Lighting Conditions with Duovox Mate Pro 2K Full-color Night Vision

Night Observation

Catch crispe photos and videos of wildlife in complete darkness

Outdoor Adventure

Record and share wonderful moments in any dim condition for adventure

Night Fishing/Boating

See Through the darkness to provide a clear view on the water at night


Night surveillance and security monitoring with 2K full-color images

More Smart Features

Tech Specifications


• Duovox Mate Pro ,using low-light imaging technology with manual focus adjustable lens,combined with Duovox's unique algorithm,present a clear and vivid 2K HD image like daytime on the high-definition display,enhance night visibility to avoid dangers that may exist in the darkness. It can be used for night observation, outdoor camping, hiking, sailing, fishing, driving record, night forensics and security monitoring, etc. Functions such as taking photos and videos are auxiliary functions. Compared with the 2K HD image on the display, the resolution of photos and video files may be slightly weaker due to the influence of the external environment.

• Duovox Mate Pro built-in IR illuminator is designed for 3 meters long-distance fixed focus lens. help people to see more clearly and farther. it is recommended to turn on the IR illuminator when observing, taking pictures or videos in enclosed environment without natural light,such as indoors, caves, under the woods, etc. It may cause overexposure if the projection distance is too close with the high light sensitivity of the chip and the light transmittance of the super large aperture lens.Therefore, when using IR illuminator, it is recommended to maintain a constant projection distance according to the different level of the illuminator.

• When use as a night driving monitor, Duovox Mate Pro with compact design and 36 degree long-distance night vision to help driver see the real-time road conditions in advance to make driving safer at night.

1. The viewing angle is narrower,the vision distance is longer.
2. To avoid potential safety hazards with built-in lithium battery, It is not recommended to use as a parking monitor when the temperature in the car is too high during the summer.
3. The Micro SD card should be of class 10 that is compatible with SDXC standard.