Duovox offers various night vision gadgets, including outdoor touch screen 2K full-color night vision,1080P car night vision system and more.

Duovox Mate Pro—2K Full-color Touch Screen Night Vision


You may have question about Duovox Mate Pro Night Vision as below?

  • Do Duovox Mate Pro using an IR light or magnify ambient light and heat?
    Our Duovox Mate Pro night vision use a full-color image sensor to magnify ambient light to capture images in complete darkness and it's not a thermal imager.Completely different technology compared to traditional black/white night vision.

  • If i wanna go out in the wild and search for wildlife,do these work as well in forested areas as they would in the open?
    Absolutely! Recommend Our Duovox Mate Pro with 3 level dimmable light. It will do its extremely great job in the woods as in the open field.

  • Can I use Duovox Mate Pro for rifle shooting during night? 
    Our Duovox Mate Pro are perfect for riffle shooting at night because you can still see clearly even in complete darkness.

  • Could these help me spot coyotes or hunt hogs at night?
    The Duovox Mate Pro night vision is the perfect device for spotting coyotes and hogs then hunting them at night. Many customers looking for Duovox Mate Pro for same purpose!It allows you to see clearly with full-color image in complete darkness and scout a large area very quickly. The viewing range is up to 1000 ft and the battery life lasts 4 hours.

  • Can I use Duovox Mate Pro for boating or fishing at night?
    Yes, Duovox Mate Pro night vision is designed for hunting, boating, camping, fishing and wildlife monitoring etc. 

  • Do you have a model with fixed focal lens to see about a couple feet directly in front of me,like use in caves or work to look under a deck?
    Duovox Mate Pro with focal lens and 2K Full-color image,the minimum focal distance is 10 feet. With magnification button on photo playback, you can easily use them to see about a couple feet directly in front of you.

  • Do these support heat sensor for predators so we can see them through the trees before they are in the open getting to our farm?
    Duovox Mate Pro night vision don't have a heat detection sensor. You can use them to see in complete darkness due to the IR feature.

  • Can I use Duovox Mate Pro for night viewing through home window? Would there be improvement by placing up against the glass so theres no chance for reflection of IR light?
    Yes, that would make it better but also the thickness and quality of the glass is important. Some customers were able to use it through the window, some weren’t.

  • Is there a model for night sky watching, for large celestial objects planes such as the moon, a visiting comet or planets, etc.?
    Better use them for night hunting, home security, camping, hiking, wildlife monitoring, or even night boating. Fishing.Test it for one of the great outdoor activities during the night and you will like Duovox Mate Pro!

  • Can i use Duovox Mate Pro to see a car make and model in the dark and read a license plate?
     It will highly depend on the distance and the speed of the car. For example, if a car is parked 100-200 yards away, you will see the model and license plates in complete darkness. Many customers use it for security and surveillance.

  • Can I use these in complete darkness without any light?
    Yes. All you need to do is to turn the 3 level dimmable light and you will be able to see in complete darkness.

  • Can these be used in daytime or inclement weather also?
    The primary use of Duovox Mate Pro Night Vision is for nighttime, but also can record videos and take pictures during daytime and inclement weather. The quality of daytime pictures and videos with 2K full-color image.

  • Can these see through tinted windows?
    The Duovox Mate Pro night vision will not work well through a tinted window because the light will be reflected. 

  • Is Duovox Mate Pro rechargeable?
    Our Duovox Mate Pro Night Vision with built-in rechargeable batteries.the batteries could be recharged in the Duovox Mate Pro without having to remove them.or no need to reset the date and time.

  • Can I use external power bank with Duovox Mate Pro? Any recommendations?
    Yes, you can use any external power source with 5V voltage,the ones used to charge phones or tablets are a great and easily portable option to charge the Duovox Mate Pro night vision and use it via the USB plug.

  • Can I use highest capacity of micro SD card these device supports?
    Duovox Mate Pro support up to 128GB SD card store capacity to record up to 32 hours.

  • Are they actually less than 1lbs to hold up? Could we use it without a tripod?
    Its weight only 0.88lbs with battery.So it's so lighter to hold up. If you want to focus on one spot for an extended period, you need install on a tripod.

  • Is Duovox Mate Pro waterproof?
    Our Duovox Mate Night Vision System is water-resistant with IPX4 level, which means that you cannot go into the water with it but it will resist under the rain.

  • What is the coldest temperature will work in?
    Duovox Mate Pro will work at the temperature -10°~60°.

  • Which end do I hold to my eyes? Can i use it up close with eyeglasses?
    You look through the viewing 3" high resolution touch screen. Our LCD 3" screen is designed even those who are wearing glasses can use it without problem.(NOT through the lenses as you do with normal binoculars).

  • What is the resolution of the viewing screen and the camera resolution? 
    Duovox Mate Pro night vision have a screen resolution with 854*480 and the camera with 1200MP.

  • Can i lower the brightness on the display screen?
    Yes, you can adjust the brightness by touch brightness icon easily. 

  • What is the image and recordings resolution of Duovox Mate Pro?
    Duovox Mate night vision have an image resolution of 3200x1808 and the video resolution of 2560x1440.

  • How many frames per second for videos? Is there sound with the videos?
    The Duovox Mate Pro night vision can take both pictures and videos during the day-time and night-time. The videos take 30 frames/second.The videos with sound if sound on.

  • Is it useful at night with dimmable light turned off?
    Duovox Mate Pro will display full-color image with dimmable turned off. If you want to see through the trees or forest, you could switch to black and white image for better clear image.

  • Can I walk around with this on or is it always a magnified view that makes it difficult to be mobile?
    With Duovox advanced algorithm techniques,you could walk around with it and the image will be clear without no lag.

  • Can I play back photos or video on screen or do I have to download?
    You can play back all recordings or photos on the screen or your phone with in-bulit WiFi.

  • Can I download (export) the HD photos and videos to my computer or phone?
    Yes. Our Duovox Mate Pro night vision arrive with an type-c port which support you transfer the images or recordings to your computer from device directly without remove SD card. You can also connect your phone with the WiFi and app to share the files to your friends instantly.

  • What is the iphone app called that works with Duovox Mate Pro for video and photos transfer to the phone ? 
     “RoadCam” is the name of the app to use with Duovox Mate Pro.

  • What is the daytime and nighttime viewing distance? 
    The daytime viewing is infinite - basically as far as you can see with your eyes. The 1000 ft is the viewing distance during night time with Duovox Mate Pro.

  • What is the lens material plastic or glass?
    The lens of Duovox Mate Pro night vision system are made of Japan imported glass.

  • Does Duovox Mate Pro have a stabilizer? If not, how clear are they when hand held?
    The Duovox Mate Pro doesn't have a stablizier.With Duovox advanced technology,the view is clear and  incredible in total darkness.Choose the tripod if you want better stability.

  • Can the animals see me if I use it during complete darkness?
    Duovox Mate Pro with the dimmable screen and one click to turn off screen therefore animals won't be spooked.

  • Can the Dimmable light be turned off?
    Default setting is off,you could turn the dimmable light on/off or adjust the dimmable level by touch the IR icon. 

  • I want to use Duovox Mate Pro as pc camera for home security,Can this be done?
    Yes, Duovox Mate Pro night vision would work perfectly. With pc camera mode, you could use Duovox Mate Pro as pc camera.

  • Is this difficult to use?
    Not at all!Very easy to use with one click. Just play with it!

  • Am I able to mount Duovox Mate Pro to a head/helmet mount or wear like goggles?
    Consider the design of Duovox Mate Pro and better stability,we recommend mount on a regular tripod or be held by hands steadily. 

  • Can these wearable hands free or do they require being held?
    The Duovox Mate Pro comes with a neck strap and a tripod so you can easily wear/carry around your neck or install it on a tripod anywhere.

  • Where is Duovox made?
    The software and lenses are made in Japan, the Duovox Mate Pro concept is designed in South Korea,and all the pieces are assembled in China.
  • What languages does it support?

    English/Japanese/Korean/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Polish/French/Danish/Traditional Chinese etc.Totally 21 languages supported.

  • Does Duovox Mate Pro have GPS stamp?
    Duovox Mate Pro has a date and time stamp,no GPS.

  • Does Duovox Mate Pro have a built in range finder?
    The Duovox Mate Pro night vision don't have a built-in range finder.

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