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Duovox Nova 1080P Full-color Safe Driving Assistant

Duovox Nova 1080P Full-color Night Vision System

Duovox Nova 1080P Full-color Night Vision with Waterproof Rear Camera

Review of Duovox Nova 1080P Full-color Safe Driving Assistant

Full-color Image with 1080P HD Resolution,Improves Safety Along The Way

• Equipped with advanced Sony sensor, provides full color images with amazing details even at starlight environment, make it a reliable driving assistant all day,especially for elders.

• On-time images are displayed on 8.2" IPS screen, reflect real situation of the road without lag.

• Able to form full-color image at 1080P high resolution, drive at night is like during the day.

36° Field of View,Enhance Night Vision up to 300m/984ft

• 36° wide-angle vision, capture a broad view of the road in crystal-clear definition.

• Night vision distance extends up to 300m/984ft. Allows drivers to see further ahead to avoid accidents.

• Adjustable lens and dimmable screen provides consistent color from all viewing angles in any light condition, comfortable to eyes.

1080P Waterproof Night Rear Camera,Keep Safe Driving Even In Torrential Rain

• 170 degree ultra wide angle lens, have a sweeping view of the road behind.

• 1080P high definition image, capture the details and help back your car easily.

• IP67 waterproof level and anti waterdrop design, guarantees protection in rainy days and resistant to dust.

• Three camera cable options, 6.25m for ordinary cars, 16m for long passenger vehicles and 25m for long trucks,etc.

Capture Stunning Image at Night as If it were Day

• Capture the most breathtaking views at night in true color with HD 5M 3200 x 1800 photos and 1080p at 30fps video with no latency.

• Mate’s night vision sensor and optics provide long range visibility as far as your eye can see in complete focus.

• Thanks to advanced Noise reduction you instantly get crystal clear photos and video when you go out sightseeing.

Keep Safe Driving in Unfriendly Conditions

Driving with Duovox Safe Driving Assistant 1080P Full-color Night Vision

Night Observation

Catch crispe photos and videos of wildlife in complete darkness

Outdoor Adventure

Record and share wonderful moments in any lighting condition for adventure

Night Fishing/Boating

See Through the darkness to provide a clear view on the water at night

Surveillance/Security Monitoring

Night time surveillance and security monitoring with high resolution images

More Smart Features

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