Duovox Mini

1080P Full-color Digital Night Vision Goggles

Two Night Vision Mode

Infrared and star-light level technology,light up your night explore as bright as day time

F1.2 aperture delivers increased light intensity, with 7 glass lenses, which can enhance the resolution and contrast of images.

High-sensitivity low-light imaging CMOS sensor with excellent image intensifiers and high-sensitivity imaging arrays that can achieve 1080P FHD images.

Featured an 940nm infrared illuminator,Duovox Mini night vision goggles are perfect for both daytime and especially at nighttime, that can take photos and record videos.

5X optical zoom and 10X digital zoom,enables night vision rang from 0.5M to infinity

5X optical zoom that can easily adjust to the best focal length to offers a clearer view of details for observation distance even close to 0.5 meters.

Fully multi-coated 25mm objective and 10X digital zoom ,Duovox Mini night vision goggles enables you to observe target 1500 meters away clearly with higher cost performance


See in Pitch Darkness

Built-in 940nm infrared LED Illuminator,Duovox Mini night vision goggles enables you to observe target 1500 meters away clearly in complete darkness without any ambient light.

7 levels of adjustable IR illuminator, Duovox Mini provide optimal visibility at night. The higher-level IR is adjusted, the clearer image is.

For full pitch-black vision,Duovox Mini night vision goggles helps you to see animals or plants clearly in 100% Darkness. It can be used for observation, reconnaissance, security surveillance, whether indoor or outdoor or just beware of intruders while camping.

Highly Solid Quality & Portable

The night vision monocular build by ergonomic design helps you focus on your target quickly and accurately with one hand. the solid framework makes the night vision goggles stable for a long time of use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand.

It is small and light, put into a pocket easily, making it easy to carry around

Support up to 128GB micro sd cards and loop recording, never worry about running out of storage anymore!

2" TFT screen with a 10x digital zoom, allowing you to view crystal-clear photos and videos in an instant.

Three Night Vision Mode

Capture 1080P high definition photos & videos with its outstanding optical clarity in the daytime, low light, or night time.

Photo Shooting

Video Taking


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